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Hey, I’m Arthur, nice to meet you!

I’m a Shopify developer with over 3 years of front-end and back-end development experience under my belt.

I love creating things that provide value, whether that be websites, applications, or even simple scripts. I aspire to build products that provide beautiful, performant experiences.

Shortly after leaving secondary school, I joined BraveTheSkies, a fantastic Shopify agency where I worked on exciting and meaningful e-commerce stores on a daily basis.

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I love my job creating

Great websites

Here are a few of my favourites

York Emporium

HTML, SCSS, Javascript, Shopify, Git

A modern responsive site for the award-winning York-based roastery.

York Emporium was set up in 2010 to serve the ever increasing need for roasted coffee & tea in Yorkshire and beyond. This site includes many advanced Shopify theme customizations, such as the dynamic filter visible before the fold on the homepage. Visit Website

Time tracking dashboard

HTML, SCSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, API's, Heroku, Git

A dashboard I created for my superiors at bravetheskies to speed up time tracking reports.

I created this website with Ruby on Rails and integrated it with our companies time tracking softwares API's to give my bosses an easier time understanding whos working hardest.

Vela Flowers

HTML, SCSS, Javascript, Shopify, Git

Fresh, seasonal flower subscriptions that fit straight through the letterbox!

At BraveTheSkies, I did a fair bit of work on Vela, An internal flower subscription service built by heavily modifying an existing Shopify theme. It contains many advanced customizations including a bespoke integration with recharge and a date-picker which tags orders to make it easier for vela to dispatch their flowers. Visit Website

Shipping label printer

Shopify, ReactJs, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, API's, UX Design, Heroku, Git

A Shopify app I built to greatly speed up the creation of shipping labels and gift cards for Vela Flowers.

This app exists to relieve the pain of printing gift messages and shipping labels, then manually matching them up. It uses template matching by order tags to create a simple way of creating labels. It creates shipping labels through the Royal Mail API, and matches them with their gift message, then exports them as a pdf ready to be printed in bulk by an industrial printer.

Grace and Thorn

HTML, SCSS, Javascript, Shopify, Git

Rule breaking florist renowned for off-beat approach to floral and plant styling.

Founder Nik Southern started the brand in 2011 after realising her passion and growing bored of her day job. Since the humble beginnings the brand has now expanded to include a flagship store on Hackney Road, a growing digital business with hundreds of bouquets and plants being ordered every week and a successful schedule of workshops. Visit Website